Welcome to the Official Website of Donsol Water District!

Donsol Water District is an Autonomous Government Owned and Controlled Corporation (GOCC), a public utility and/or water service provider entity, whose ultimate function is to develop, maintain, and deliver adequate, potable and affordable drinking water supply to the community in general and to its duly registered concessionaires in particular, within its territorial jurisdiction and service coverage area.


Message from the BOD Chairman


Greetings to all our Valued Concessionaires, Management Staff, & BOD Members!

The Donsol Water District (Don-WD) have its own vision and mission that of serving the constituents within the service area coverage. These are the sources of all the concerted efforts by the present board of director members.

The focus of these board in order to carry out the vision and mission, is to focus its effort on:

  1. Adopting policies for a sustainable maintenance of potable water distribution to its clientele;
  2. Efforts is focused on the further development and improvements for a sustained water distribution;
  3. The welfare and protection of the managerial staff is one of the concerns of these board by adopting measures for the salaries and other benefits they are legally entitled to.

Fulfilling these three, the Donsol Water District will continue to supply a sustainable potable water, thereby, they will continue to enjoy one of the best gift in life by nature because water itself is LIFE. Donsolanon is one of the luckiest people for having water supply. So Donsoleneos patronized the potable water of Donsol Water District for it is YOUR LIFE.